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The FIRST internet based
U.S. Customs ABI application for
customs brokers, importers and 3PLs

Customs Broker / Importer ABI Filing Software
ACE e-Manifest Filing Software
Importer Security Filing (10 + 2)

Client Side Version 1403 is now LIVE
7/25/2014 9:31:32 AM
Monday morning we will be deploying the new Client Side version. The only change in this version is the 'smart' consignee logic when importing a file to create a proforma. The system will know if the proforma should be marked as line or single mode consignee. If you are interested in this feature please submit a helpdesk request to and a Support Rep will be happy to assist.
ACE Compliance Roadmap 2014-2015
6/27/2014 2:38:43 PM
Release 1403 is LIVE
5/28/2014 11:20:45 AM
AES Census issued 180 Day Informed Compliance Period
4/4/2014 1:32:04 PM

07/31/14July 2014 ACE Monthly Trade Update 14-000435
07/31/14NEW ACE Cargo, Manifest, Entry Release Query Docum 14-000434
07/30/14ACE Certification Environment Now Available! 14-000433
07/30/14Area Port of Buffalo Trade Day August 7, 2014 14-000432
07/30/14ACE ABI CATAIR Documents Now Posted on CBP Website 14-000431
07/29/14Scheduled Weekly ACE Certification Outage for July 14-000430
07/29/14RESOLVED 14-000429
07/28/14Delays in processing X.12 ISF filings 14-000428
07/25/14Weekly ACE Production Outage beginning July 26, 20 14-000427
07/24/14RESOLVED – FDA ITACS Problems 14-000426
07/22/14RESOLVED 14-000424
07/22/14ACE Reports Unavailable 14-000423
07/21/14Error When Accessing FDA’s ITACS 14-000422
07/20/14ACE Production is Now Available 14-000421
07/18/14Weekly ACE Production Maintenace beginning Saturda 14-000420
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