When Will the Post Release Capabilities be Deployed?

sbaceiconIt has been a little over a month since the big post release capability deployment in ACE was scheduled to go live.

Post release capabilities including drawback, reconciliation, duty deferral, collections, statements and the Automated Surety Interface had been scheduled to go live in ACE on January 14, 2017. ABI filing of ISF transactions were also supposed to be transitioned to ACE on that date. CBP wanted to allow extra time to prepare for the final core ACE deployment and ensure a smooth transition.

There has not yet been an announcement of the new release and mandatory requirements for those functions. There has been buzz that it will be soon but that has not been confirmed. There have been smaller updates and bug fixes, and several PGA updates especially for FDA. See the recent CSMS messages here.

The trade is looking out for additional guidance from CBP including a federal register notice. As indicated when the Jan 14 release was planned, there is likely to be a specific time when the cutover is made from ACS to ACE and after that time those transactions would be rejected in ACS.

No matter when the deployment happens, be sure to know how your software vendor handles the changes.  SmartBorder is prepared for the changes and will be communicating with its users when the switch-over is announced.

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