About Us

We are here to be your trusted trade partner. Since 2001, we have been focused on providing the best compliance software solutions that give you the competitive edge. Plus we provide expert support that you can rely on whenever you need it.

We do it better than anyone because it is all we do. Our priority is helping brokers, carriers and importers manage an efficient, cost effective entry into the U.S.

We believe that singular dedication has produced software applications with robust capabilities as a result of our deep understanding of our customers’ needs.

SmartBorder’s applications are innovative in their design, functionality and content and we take incredible pride in remaining an industry leader. What’s more, our tightly knit team of licensed customs brokers and talented developers knows that U.S. Customs compliance is an intricate, highly involved process that demands unwavering attention to detail. Our commitment to training and support is second-to-none.

Through millions of transactions across virtually every type of commodity that can be brought into the U.S., we understand our customers’ success is what determines ours. And that is why we will continue to be at the forefront in innovation, adaptability and reliability in the coming years.


SmartBorder’s origins came together through the collective vision of a small team of brokers and developers with decades of experience in the U.S. brokerage industry. With the emergence of the internet as a business tool in the late ’90s, we saw the possibilities for a new breed of software applications that would:

  • Handle high volumes of releases and entries from multiple users in real time.
  • Provide previously unheard levels of individual customization, reliability and security.
  • Require customers to devote minimal IT resources and computer hardware.
  • Roll out software and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) updates with negligible downtime and end user involvement.

Launched in 2001, SmartBorder has undergone numerous upgrades and efficiency improvements through the years – paralleling the unprecedented increase of additional customs compliance requirements from Homeland Security and CBP.

We’ve been here since the beginning and with new guidelines and regulations being implemented at an ever-increasing pace, SmartBorder has proven its adaptability by consistently allowing brokers, carriers and importers to adhere to new rules as soon as they are required with absolute minimal disruption.

SmartBorder works hard to ensure that our customers continue to benefit from our experience and comply with new industry standards in the years to come.