SmartBorder™ Truck eManifest

All carriers and brokers want to expedite border crossings. The key is timely and accurate information. With Truck eManifest, processing is faster thanks to integrations, picklists, and templates. You’ll also benefit from expert support and setup assistance from our experienced support team, plus low per-shipment pricing.

Streamline your shipments between the U.S. and Canada.

The SmartBorder Truck eManifest solution consists of the ACE (USA) and ACI (Canada) eManifest modules. The modules used together facilitate efficient filings of cross-border truck shipments by sharing databases, cutting down on data entry time. Alternatively, ACE or ACI can be used standalone for one-way traffic. Experience additional productivity by allowing us to setup EDI feeds from your systems to automate filing of the required manifest data for both modules.


The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) truck eManifest is a CBP requirement for expediting border crossings. Prior to arrival at the U.S. border, carriers are required to file manifest data that includes crew, shipper, consignee, and shipment information. SmartBorder Truck eManifest reduces the time and effort.


Highway carriers transporting goods into Canada transmit cargo and conveyance data electronically to the Canada Border Services Agency before the shipment arrives at the border. SmartBorder Truck eManifest reduces data entry and paperwork and transmits the data directly.

Get all the benefits of an automated system.

Reduce costs.

Templates reduce redundant keying by automatically populating frequently used fields. Moreover, flexible EDI Integrations from freight forwarding and other applications helps complete the filing.

Get it right the first time.

With hundreds of data checks, more keying errors are caught before the information is ever transmitted. Plus, our helpful tips make finding and fixing the errors quick and easy.

Stay in the loop.

With real-time feeds, you get immediate views of the status of a current trip or shipment without having to navigate through several screens. Receive emails or SMS notifications including ready to arrive.

Make smarter decisions.

Dig deeper with real-time reports that anyone can create. Customize the reports to see exactly the data you need for the specified carrier and time frame.

Save time.

With our “pick and click” feature, you can set up SmartBorder with all the necessary information prior to creating any trips, and reuse that data as needed.

Data integration that works for you.

Flexible data integration options that give you the ability to integrate with our systems using EDI or web services.

Easily resolve problems.

With our intuitive Transmission Viewer with Integrated Help for fixing CBP & CBSA rejects.

Stay current.

With our cutting-edge technology, you’ll always have the latest version of SmartBorder every time you log in.


Three editions tailored to all carriers and service centers.

Truck eManifest is offered in three editions to meet the specific needs of large carriers, small carriers, and service centers. Each edition is based on border-crossing volume or whether you file for multiple carriers.

Large Carrier Edition

Compliance workflow is critical to large carriers. Prevent redundancy, verify data, and track submissions in real-time with Truck eManifest.

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Small Carrier Edition

With Truck eManifest, small carriers boost productivity and visibility by complying methodically with CBP eManifest requirements.

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Service Center Edition

Support your carrier clients with the solution that sets the standard for workflow, productivity, and ACE compliance accuracy.

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Standalone. Or an integrated suite.

Our applications work well on their own or integrated. Whether you want to license a single module or implement our entire compliance software suite, SmartBorder offers a cost-effective plan to suit your needs. Expert-led training is always included.

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Fully online. Accessible from anywhere.

All SmartBorder applications are SaaS-based and PC-based. You need only an internet connection. SaaS software saves your company time and money, requiring no added IT resources or dedicated hardware.

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Pay-per-use. No long-term contracts.

You only pay for what you use. A small, one-time licensing fee establishes a pay-per-use plan with no locked-in contractual obligations. There are zero user licensing fees no matter how many users and locations.