SmartBorder™ U.S. Direct Air Solution

Importers bringing goods by air into the United States can now fully automate high volumes of Entry Type 86 Customs filings using SmartBorder.

The Problem

E-commerce imports into the United States are growing dramatically. Air freight is normally the fastest way to ship. But there are now serious delays at major airports as U.S. Customs is overwhelmed with the added volumes. While importers can use an Express Consignment Carrier Facility (ECCF), the fees are high. Compounding the problem is the U.S./China trade war which has increased duties and taxes and the paperwork that goes with them. Those need to be mitigated via Section 321.

The Solution

SmartBorder’s U.S. Direct Air Solution eliminates the cost and complexity. An Automated Border Integration (ABI) software tool, it fully automates the entire border clearance process for low-value goods no matter what the volume. If needed, you can process millions of shipments per day.

With our solution, your data is uploaded and merged in an Entry Type 86 system. For low-value goods, there’s less data required, no bond, and no duties or taxes versus formal and informal entries. Your shipments are pre-classified to move rapidly from a container freight station (CFS) straight to your customers, without the need for express facilities or their high per-piece fees.

How It Works

The SmartBorder solution is a cutting-edge Automated Manifest System (AMS) filing strategy designed to take advantage of Entry Type 86. Your Section 321-qualified goods must be valued at less than USD$800 and be headed directly for delivery to the end user via your last-mile carrier.

Bottom-Line Benefits

The SmartBorder U.S. Direct Air Solution optimizes your e-commerce profitability. Your shipments are better managed, expedited much faster, and moved from the container facility to your customer with no delays and greater cost efficiency. It’s automation that pays for itself dramatically and keeps on paying you with every shipment.


Two minutes might save you millions in duties and taxes.

Our short video clearly explains the process of using ACE e-Manifest or Entry Type 86 for admission of your Section 321 low-value shipments into the United States.
Seeing is believing.

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For more information: SmartBorder™ ABI/ACE

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