Product Implementation & Support

Every SmartBorder customer has the assurance of streamlined onboarding, comprehensive training, and ongoing support. Our experts help configure your systems and set up your customs links and testing protocols. Our broker-led support team and knowledge base are there when you need them.


Our implementation time is measured in days or weeks, not months. We’ll work with you to develop an implementation plan customized to your business and the products you have chosen. The implementation covers three main areas: Configurations, Customs setup, and Training.


SmartBorder has many configuration options for you to take advantage of. These are functions such as data defaults, automation settings, user profiles, and settings for validation warnings/or errors. You’ll receive consulting from a SmartBorder expert to identify the most effective system configurations for your business.

Customs Setup

Along with SmartBorder setup, there is also setup involved with customs. We assist with getting your communications established with the appropriate government agencies. If required by CBP, we provide in-depth guidance during their testing process. You can choose to have a database setup in CBP’s certification environment to test transmissions without affecting you current operations.


All customers receive a comprehensive training package. This training is one-on-one with your trainer to get you to SmartBorder expert status. Trainings are conducted via gotomeeting and usually last 1-2 hours depending on the subject. Your trainer will work with you to tailor the content to your needs and staff requirements. On-site training is available and can be worthwhile for extra peace of mind during go-live.

Ongoing Support

Fast, helpful support is the #1 reason why customers come to us from other vendors. We understand that quality customer support is a critical component to selecting compliance software. We provide a wealth of resources to allow you to find help, and provide quick help when you contact us. Customers can contact our support team for help or use our self-service portal to quickly find answers

Support Team

SmartBorder employs licensed brokers with over 40 years of combined Customs experience. Our staff will provide professional support for a range of topics from how to use the software, to customs regulations and procedures, as well as unexpected issues you may come across. Standard hours plus 24/7 for customs outages /problems.

Requests are tracked from submission to completion to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Response times are measured in minutes, not hours or days. We know the time-sensitive nature of urgent shipments, so critical issues receive the highest priority.

Knowledge Base

Our online knowledge base is available 24x7 for you to quickly find answers to common questions. We have collected answers from our over 15 years in operation to assist other customers that face the same questions. The portal contains hundreds of Q&A topics, instructional videos, user manuals, and printable guides to help you best use the software and understand related regulations.