Customs & Regulatory Compliance

Reliability and accuracy are vital to customs brokers, importers, and carriers. SmartBorder Suite is your way to process transactions faster while improving accuracy and avoiding costly penalties. Refined over 20 years, SmartBorder Suite integrates seamlessly with logistics and enterprise systems.

The software suite that streamlines compliance.

With time sensitive shipments and the threat of fines and penalties, companies involved with international trade need a software solution that is reliable and accurate, while facilitating quick transaction processing. SmartBorder is a full-featured application suite for Customs Brokers, Importers, and carriers to manage their customs filings and regulatory compliance.

Dedicated experts to serve you.

Licensed customs brokers and developers who only focus on compliance software.

Refined over 20+ years

SmartBorder was the first internet customs application on the market with its founding developers directing the company.

Completely customizable

Hundreds of configurations and cost effective customization options to fit your business.

Seamless integration possibilities.

SmartBorder is tightly integrated with several Logistics & Supply Chain applications allowing for end-to-end logistics + compliance. Plus, we can integrate with your other internal systems because SmartBorder supports a myriad of options for data integration including EDI, XML, FTP, Web Services and more.

The SmartBorder Suite

Read more about ABI/ACE


File air/ocean/truck/rail entries, including PGAs, DIS, in-bonds, RLF, and more

Read more about ISF


create, contribute to, and view the Importer Security Filing

Read more about FTZ e214

FTZ e214

File FTZ admissions, Permit to Transfer, Concurrence & Arrival

Read more about eManifest


Meet the US and Canada truck manifest requirements

Read more about AES


File shippers export declaration electronically

Read more about Reconciliation


Easily complete aggregate or entry-by-entry reconciliation entries

Read more about Ocean AMS

Ocean AMS

File ocean manifest and cargo plan information

Read more about Air AMS


File air manifest and cargo plan information

Read more about Shipper/Client


Customer portal to track shipments, print documents, and prepare invoices

Read more about Mobile Tools

Mobile Tools

Up-to-date trade data on your phone or tablet. Anytime.

Backed by world-class training and support.

All of our applications are backed by world-class training and support with licensed brokers on staff as well as a comprehensive archive of support documents, CBP information and tutorial videos.

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