SmartBorder™ Ocean AMS

The SmartBorder Ocean AMS application allows you to transmit required advance manifest information for ocean cargo to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) through their new ACE system. The system is currently in use by Non-vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCCs), freight forwarders, and customs brokers to quickly and easily file the manifest data.

Enable compliance of your ocean cargo filings.

File easily and accurately.

Helpful features such as copy transaction, clearly highlighted mandatory fields and validations make it easy to file.

Stay compliant.

Certified by CBP to meet the latest requirements with CBP’s ACE system and updated with any necessary regulatory changes everytime you login.

Be Proactive.

Provides at a glance visibility so you can easily view the status of your manifest filings

Product Features

Contains all necessary functions to transmit and manage the entire Ocean AMS transaction. Easy to use with template functionality allowing users to quickly file repetitive transactions. Responses to and from CBP are measured in seconds. Includes cargo control functions such as permit to transfer (PTT) so that CBP receives the latest cargo information, and you remain compliant.

  • Files through the ACE system
  • Copy transaction function
  • File for multiple SCAC codes
  • Transmit Permit to transfer (PTT)
  • Direct connection line with CBP’s ACE system for fast responses
  • Transmit In-bond and conveyance arrival, equipment inventory, and general order status
  • Print Inward Cargo Declaration
  • (CBP Form 1302)Transaction grid displays vessel info, bill of lading, dates, and whether the AMS is completed and/or on file
  • Validation tool warns you of errors and missing data before you transmit
  • Attach and print delivery orders
  • Mandatory fields highlighted in yellow
  • Transaction notes to record important details about transaction
  • Store transactions as templates
  • Create billing invoices for clients
  • Stores recently used vessel names

Standalone. Or an integrated suite.

Our applications work well on their own or integrated. Whether you want to license a single module or implement our entire compliance software suite, SmartBorder offers a cost-effective plan to suit your needs. Expert-led training is always included.

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Fully online. Accessible from anywhere.

All SmartBorder applications are SaaS-based and PC-based. You need only an internet connection. SaaS software saves your company time and money, requiring no added IT resources or dedicated hardware.

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Pay-per-use. No long-term contracts.

You only pay for what you use. A small, one-time licensing fee establishes a pay-per-use plan with no locked-in contractual obligations. There are zero user licensing fees no matter how many users and locations.