Why SaaS

SaaS-based software is the future and SmartBorder is proud to have been one of the pioneers of this ground-breaking technology. SaaS stands for “Software as a Service” and means that the application is hosted in an off-site location by trusted Amazon Web Services and accessed by any computer, anywhere, via the internet.

Lower Initial Costs.

All our Smartborder applications are hosted online on fast dedicated servers and maintained by our own team of IT professionals. All you need to get started is a PC with internet access. No additional hardware or IT resources required.

You’ll be up and running quickly.

With no hardware installation and configuration necessary, deploying SmartBorder is fast and straightforward. New accounts with no customization can be fully trained and operational within two weeks.

Painless upgrades.

Since SmartBorder applications are hosted in one location and accessed online, any new software features or Customs compliance updates becomes available the next time you log in. This means zero downtime and effort for you.

Accessible from anywhere.

On a business trip or vacation? Or, worst case, what happens if your business location is unreachable because of disaster? With SmartBorder, your ABI software and all your related data is as close as the nearest PC with internet access.

Automatic Data backup.

SmartBorder uses the absolute best industry practices in redundancy and security to ensure that you can access your data whenever you need it. Rest assured, our system has maintained 99.999% uptime over the past five years and we are continually striving to improve on that.

Seamless integration.

SaaS vendors with true multitenant architectures can scale indefinitely to meet customer demand. Many SaaS providers also offer customization capabilities to meet specific needs. Plus, many provide APIs that let you integrate with existing ERP systems or other business productivity systems.