SmartBorder™ eCommerce
Rapid Clearance Solutions

SmartBorder is a high-speed software solution that simplifies the complex e-commerce import process. As COVID-19 has increased e-commerce related volumes at the U.S. border, SmartBorder provides a way to move high volumes of low-priced goods that are exempt from duties and taxes.

Two Section 321 Solutions

SmartBorder optimizes two cost-effective solutions when shipping directly to consumers from abroad: U.S.-direct air or ocean containers through US ports, and truck containers through Canada. With SmartBorder, you can process millions of direct-to-consumer shipments per day, duty and tax free through the use of SmartBorder’s ACE e-Manifest and Entry Type 86 products for low-value shipments into the U.S.

Optimize Your Direct-To-US Imports

For shipments arriving directly to the United States by air or ocean, the SmartBorder ABI solution maximizes your e-commerce potential by processing Entry Type 86 filings at high speed. The software integrates your border clearance information and automates your entry filings by merging classified product details into your transmissions. The bonuses: costly express facility fees (ECCF) are avoided, and release times are much faster.

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Your Canadian Border Advantage

Because Canadian ports aren't as congested as some US ports, and with increased CBP documentation, US-bound e-commerce imports can move faster by crossing the Canadian/U.S. border on their way to American customers. Fewer documents are required, and data for Section 321 is filed electronically for pre-clearance through the SmartBorder ACE e-Manifest.

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Added Incentives: Lower Costs, Less Filing.

When crossing the Canadian/US border with low-value ($800USD or less) direct-to-consumer goods under Section 321, the goods can move duty free into the United States, and there's no need for full tariff classification for each line item.

Fast. Seamless. Valuable.

Customs data can be submitted through SmartBorder up to 30 days in advance of your shipment’s arrival or while your consumer orders are in transit. SmartBorder can rapidly handle millions of transactions per day, potentially saving you millions in duty and fees per year.


Two minutes might save you millions in duties and taxes.

Our short video clearly explains the process of using ACE e-Manifest or Entry Type 86 for admission of your Section 321 low-value shipments into the United States.
Seeing is believing.

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