Our Technology

Your data is secure, available, and scalable. We invest continually in the finest hardware from Dell backed by Amazon Web Services, the gold standard of data centre performance. Uptime is assured. Processing speeds are exceptional.

Amazon Web Services. Fast. Scalable. Secure.

System reliability and fast processing speeds are important considerations for our customers. All of SmartBorder’s modules are hosted through Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS provides several benefits beyond most hosting providers:

Scalable for high performance

On-demand infrastructure for scaling applications or tasks. We can easily add servers to handle additional volumes so you don’t experience slowdowns during peak processing times.

Fast system speeds

A massive distributed infrastructure reduces latency to all regions of the world so you can quickly complete a transaction from anywhere.

Your data is secure

AWS utilizes an end-to-end approach to secure it’s infrastructure, including physical, operational, and software measures so you can trust that your data is secure.

Uptime for 24x7 Operations

A virtual environment allows us to update software and services that SmartBorder requires with little to no downtime to support our customers’ 24x7 operations.

Confidence in Infrastructure used by Amazon.com

AWS supports Amazon.com’s multi-billion dollar online business, so you can feel confident about system availability.


Enterprise-grade Dell servers. High availability. Multiple redundancy.

SmartBorder is run on enterprise grade Dell servers with multiple internal redundant systems. In case of any individual failure a dedicated “warm” spare machine is on standby for replacement. Our database clusters (Microsoft SQL) offer high performance and data availability.

Your data is secure.

Physical access is restricted to authorized personal only. 24/7 manned security checkpoints, biometrics and magnetic cards are a few of the security features present at the data center. Closed circuit recorded video is setup for monitoring throughout the data center. SmartBorder employs strong RSA encryption combined with 256bit token based session authentication. We take necessary measures to ensure your data is never compromised in transit.

Backed by world-class training and support.

All of our applications are backed by world-class training and support with licensed brokers on staff as well as a comprehensive archive of support documents, CBP information and tutorial videos.

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