SmartBorder™ Shipper | Client Portal

Part of the SmartBorder ABI software suite, SmartBorder Client/Shipper allows you to provide a better Customs Brokerage service and gives your customers access to powerful compliance tools.

Enable your customers to do more.

Self-service for your clients.

Allow your clients access to Customs forms, billing invoices, and helpful tools that they can access at their convenience.

Your clients stay informed.

Real time transmission results allow your clients to see when their shipments were released.

Save time by using customer’s invoice data.

Clients can prepare their own forms such as a Proforma Invoice that you can attach to the customs entry.

Increase accuracy.

Shared product and parties databases increase accuracy and communication between you and your client.

Technology that you can trust.

The application is hosted on the same SmartBorder infrastructure that you depend on for your Customs entries.


For the Customs Broker's customer

Customs Brokers can grant their customers access to SmartBorder's Shipper/Client Portal which allows them to:

  • View documents
  • Track shipment statuses
  • Prepare customs documents to send to the broker
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