SmartBorder™ Truck eManifest

All carriers and brokers want to expedite border crossings. The key is timely and accurate information. With Truck eManifest, processing is faster thanks to integrations, picklists, and templates. You’ll also benefit from expert support and setup assistance from our experienced support team, plus low per-shipment pricing.

Case Studies

We recognize that every business is different and are committed to working with your organization to find a solution that works for you. Find out how these companies found the solutions to meet their business needs with SmartBorder’s ACE eManifest software.

Ocean Spray
Time sensitive perishable produce.

As the number one brand of canned and bottled fruit drinks, Ocean Spray faces challenges foreign to many carriers – namely the extremely time sensitive annual harvest of millions of pounds of fresh cranberries from bogs across North America and their transportation to a number of processing plants. With the introduction of the ACE eManifest regulations, co-ordination and organization became absolutely paramount in order to ensure that countless truckloads of perishable produce reached their destinations on time. Production schedules and product quality depended on it. Ocean Spray turned to SmartBorder for help.

The SmartBorder team first collaborated with Ocean Spray’s internal resources to assess their actual needs and the touch points within their legacy systems. Then, with a small amount of customizing, the developers were able to seamlessly integrate SmartBorder’s ACE application into the existing infrastructure. Given that Ocean Spray has many shipments on the road during their peak period, speed and efficiency are the priorities. And SmartBorder’s ACE application provides that, offering one-touch eManifest filing capability and easy-to-read screens providing quick status updates of each individual shipment in real time.

The results are excellent according to Ocean Spray. “SmartBorder exceeded our expectations and was the most consistent and reliable part of our process during the harvest.”

GHY International
Adaptability and customization.

With over 100 years of northern border experience, GHY International is one of the largest, most experienced broker/carriers currently moving goods between Canada and the U.S. So it’s no surprise they recognized the benefits of SmartBorder’s cutting edge SaaS-based applications and their class leading functionality.

Upon setting out to replace their extensive in-house systems with new software that met a strict set of corporate criteria, GHY thoroughly evaluated many potential platforms before deciding to integrate both SmartBorder’s ACE and ABI applications as an all-encompassing compliance solution. Why? As a large multi-national with highly structured processes in place, they were won over by the SmartBorder suite’s adaptability and ease of customization.

The SmartBorder team worked with them to meet their needs, integrating into their framework while streamlining workflow and increasing GHY’s ability to support their clients’ needs. And they remain consistently pleased with SmartBorder’s willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure customer satisfaction. High praise indeed when it comes from a company that has been providing exceptional customer service in a highly competitive industry for over a century.