News: New Track and Trace Options

March 19th, 2018

Customs release status for your customers and carriers

We are excited to announce some significant enhancements to web tracking (currently found at and click “web tracking”)

  • Simple search – user inputs the reference number they have (ie invoice number, bill of lading number, etc.)
  • Returns entry information, Bill of lading info and piece counts, and release statuses
  • Added One USG message (and help text so anyone using tracking knows what this important field means)
  • Includes PGA/FDA status message including “May Proceed” and prior notice confirmation numbers
  • Search and display invoice numbers (from line items)
  • Returns relevant data for in-bonds
  • Email and print results as needed
  • Use on PCs or mobile devices


NEW! Web Tracker Builder

Customize a branded web tracker for your website

Its as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Set your preferences such as logo, colors, size, and which fields to display.
  2. Click “Generate widget”. Verify the preview is what you want.
  3. Click “Copy code to clipboard”. This is the code you will need to paste on your web page. Done!

API also available

Implement exactly the tracking you want

An API is also available if you would prefer to completely customize the input and output of the web tracker on your site, further than what is possible in the builder, or integrate it within your current systems.

Contact our sales team to get started.