AurionPro Project Logistics

Manage every equipment move in one coordinated flow. AurionPro Project Logistics pulls together everything from procurement planning through shipment execution and logistics to warehouse and yard management. Your customers have the added assurance of full visibility and clear milestone checks.

Know your project equipment is available.

Equipment availability and tracking is a stubborn challenge in geographically diverse operations. With the SCMProFit Project Logistics module you’ll be assured of availability whatever the location, modes of transport, or state of infrastructure in less-developed regions. Prevent costly delays or overruns by knowing where your equipment is and how to move it where it’s needed.

Prevent delays.

SCMProFit is a complete end-to-end solution for managing project logistics and off-shore inventory. Track goods for down stream, mid-stream, and upstream infrastructure.

Track everything.

Stay in control with complete shipment execution. Easily view milestone updates and keep track of all shipment legs.

Manage the details.

Manage your inventory at each project site. Track raw materials and finished product. Monitor procurement cycle milestones.

Better equipment moves. For everyone involved.

All parties need to be kept informed. Project Logistics allows visibility for both the customer and your project operations team resulting in moves that are more efficient and on schedule.

Customer Visibility Portal

Order Visibility
  • Ability to view order fulfillment status
  • Order milestone updates
  • Drill down to shipment level
  • Ability to view order-related documents
  • View discussion notes with respect to the order and suppliers

Project Operations Team:

Procurement Planning
  • Capturing of all project equipment details
  • Defining procurement cycle milestones
  • Defining project logistics execution milestones
Shipment Execution
  • Creation multi-leg shipments
  • Ability to send shipment instructions to INTTRA for e-bill and milestone status updates
  • Generation of shipment documents
  • Monitoring of shipment milestones
Purchase Order
  • Ability to capture PO details
  • General details
  • Product details
  • Capture multiple ROS (Required On Site) dates
  • Capture PO details through integration
  • Defining of milestones at order or product line item
  • Level to monitor and track a PO or PO item
Project Site: Yard Management
  • Ability to define the storage yard Creation of storage locations
  • Visibility of material at multiple project sites
  • Ability to create a bonded storage location
Project Site: Warehouse Management
  • Ability to define the simple or multiple warehouse
  • Ability to manage multiple sites
  • Monitoring the inventory of materials
  • Ability to create and authorize indents
  • Handling the process of issuing an A/B/C category of material
Supplier Coordination/Expediting
  • Capturing of discussion notes for an order with the supplier
  • Expediting/updating of milestone dates supplier pickup request
  • Supplier pickup request confirmation
  • Ability to create multiple shipments against a PO