AurionPro SCM for Distribution

Process control is vital to efficient distribution. AurionPro SCM for Distribution helps you control every step: orders, warehousing, fulfillment. Over multiple locations. Locally and internationally. View the total landscape. Optimize distribution. Analyze and reduce costs. While adding customer value.

Manage distribution to grow margins.

Distributors are in the middle. There are parties to please on both ends and a moving landscape of detail to manage. SCM for Distributors handles it all, from orders to delivery. See your supply chain end to end. Coordinate stock and delivery at all branches. Analyze margins on all business. Keep brand owners and manufacturers informed and connected.

Improve visibility.

Eliminate inefficient warehouse processes and improve the ability to give customers what they want, when they want it.

Optimize distribution.

Planning tools to reduce inefficiencies such as the number of trips and enable efficient order delivery.

Increase profitability.

The cost analysis provides a tool to calculate the landed cost and of the operation. Plus rate and finance management.

Tools to help distributors maximize operational efficiencies.

Key Features
  • Supports multi-location operations
  • Modular and integrated plug-and-play system
  • Complete suite to manage orders, warehousing, and distribution
  • Single-window visibility over fulfillment
  • Alerts and exceptions to proactively respond to situations
  • Manages rates and finance
Key Benefits
  • Provides tools to manage and optimize stock at different branches and distribution centers
  • Enables track and trace of distribution, both local and international
  • Includes tools for customer billing, cost capture and P&L generation
  • Improves the ability to monitor operational efficiency
  • Provides better control over inventory
  • Enables best practice implementation for process improvements
  • Facilitates innovative value-added services for customers
  • Improves overall planning and execution of sourcing, warehousing and distribution