AurionPro SCM Manufacturing

Supply chain is a constant challenge for many manufacturers. AurionPro SCM Manufacturing is the answer. From a single dashboard you’ll monitor inventories, vendors, and suppliers across all stocking points. Receive proactive alerts. Improve service. Drive supply chain profitability.

Deliver right every time.

Brand owners must deliver the right quantity of product at the right time. But supply chain can be a challenge, especially for manufacturers. AurionPro SCMProfit for Manufacturing provides complete supply chain visibility. Increase efficiency and service. Improve reliability and monitor KPIs. Unlock working capital by integrating with your ERP.

Improve supply chain visibility.

Improve reliability of the supply chain performance with dashboards, milestones, and inventory management.

Increase efficiency and service.

Unlock working capital by transforming into a lean supply chain.

Monitor KPIs to reduce cost.

Reduce cost components across the supply chain.

One dashboard. Every function. From materials to finished inventory.

Key Features
  • Visibility dashboard for managing LSPs, vendors and suppliers
  • Drill down view across different dimensions
  • Global inventory visibility across different stocking points
  • Visibility into in-transit inventory
  • Proactive alerts and exceptions
  • Easy to integrate with ERP systems