Press Releases: SmartBorder Redesign Update

February 1st, 2018

Today we are excited to announce a major update on the SmartBorder redesign project.

This new web-based SmartBorder system leverages the latest technology and includes functionality currently in SmartBorder – plus feature requests from our customers that were not possible in the existing version of SmartBorder.

We are pleased to introduce the first redesigned module available for filing- EXPORTS.

Here’s a peak at a few of the changes we’re most excited about:

  1. RESTRICTED PARTY SCREENING – Easily search and find restricted parties from multiple databases.
  2. AUTOCOMPLETE FIELDS – Start typing in a field and the system will suggest to you – saving you clicks.
  3. MULTI-PLATFORM SUPPORT – Apple? Tablet? iPhone? Use SmartBorder on any of these devices’ internet browser.

What it will mean for you is the ability to get more done with less effort.

To encourage you to use the new Exports module, we will be offering 3 months of free filing in this module. File as many exports as you would like. All we ask is that you provide us your honest feedback of the module – so we can continue to make it better.

Contact our sales team to get started.